Quotes of the Week (7th-13th November)

  • “It’s time to grab the Goldmen by the Sachs”
    –  Attila the Stockbroker on greed in the financial district in a Radio 4 Discussion, Glut
  • “Demanding Theresa May’s head on a plate solves nothing”
    – Steve Richards commenting in The Independent that the sacking of Theresa May in the wake of the scandal of the relaxation of border controls will not solve the underlying problem of the need for wider accountability
  • “Everyone wants to leave [Greece], not only because they have no money: there is no order…There are no rules”
    – A Greek mother on the worsening situation in the country , as reported by John Humphrys for the Today programme
  • “[We’re] trying to improve the business and the structures to make sure these things don’t happen again because they’re something that I am very sorry about”
    -James Murdoch answering questions from the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee as part of the enquiry into News International’s role in phone hacking, a video of the highlights of which can be seen here
  • “Our growth stalled and problems started before the Eurozone crisis escalated. But David Cameron and George Osborne are still sitting on their hands at home refusing to admit they are wrong”
    -Labour leader Ed Miliband on the opposition’s failing economic policies and their hiding behind the Eurozone crisis as ‘a cloak’ to avoid confronting this

Unquote of the Week

  • “Umm what’s the third one there […] I can’t remember the third one. Oops.”
    – Presidential hopeful Rick Perry at the cringe-inducing CNBC Republican debate in which he forgot which department of government he would abolish, the video of which you can see here

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