Quotes of the Week



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  • “It is a political conviction that I can define perfectly well as incredible and intolerable”
    -Former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi in a phone call to his Italia 1 private network, as reported in the Independent, after being sentenced to a year in jail for tax fraud – 26th October 2012
  •  “The good news is going to keep coming”
    -PM David Cameron on the fact that the UK is out of recession, which was headline news in its own right. Cameron stole the show, however, as he was accused of ‘jumping the gun’ in the Guardian by leaking highly sensitive market data on the improving economy in order to score a political point in Prime Minister’s Questions – 25th October 2012


  • “Since the decision was taken to shelve our story, I’ve not been happy with the public statements made by the BBC. I think they’re very misleading.”
    -Newsnight reporter Liz MacKean in the i, on her story on Jimmy Savile’s sexual allegations which was shelved by Newsnight editor Peter Rippon, investigated by BBC’s Panorama – 22nd October 2012


  • “The future of the country’s energy supply, and the balance between protecting the consumer and helping the environment, has been the subject of a prolonged Whitehall stand-off…No political person at No 10 understands energy policy.”
    -Rachel Sylvester in a Times opinion piece, on last week’s energy policy debacle and how government policy and media scrutiny priorities are wrong- 23rd October 2012




Quotes of the Week

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  • “This is the right decision for Scotland but it’s also right for the United Kingdom that there is going to be one single simple straightforward question about whether Scotland wants to stay in the United Kingdom or separate itself”
    -PM David Cameron in a Telegraph video on the day of the signing of the agreement which will allow Edinburgh to hold a referendum on Scotland’s independence – 15th October 2012


  • “With men in the media reporting on men in Parliament, there is a double whammy”
    -Labour’s Harriet Harman as quoted in the Guardian in a report on the under-representation of women in the media – 15th October 2012


  • “Justice has been done and this shows that the US does not control the UK justice system. We have had great support, including from the media, and this decision has saved my son’s life”
    -Janis Sharp, the mother of Gary McKinnon, the Asperger’s sufferer who was spared extradition to the US for hacking into Pentagon computers ten years ago, as reported in the Evening Standard – 16th October 2012


  • “Now she is amongst us, our thoughts are even more with her and her family after this criminal attack”
    -Farooq Murad of the Muslim Council of Britain on the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban and is now being treated in a hospital in Birmingham, as reported in the i paper – 17th October 2012